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Get to know our survivors

Discover the story of the animals we help every day with their "before and after" photos. 
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Masha is a beautiful hen rescued from a private, who reigns as the dominatrix of the hen clan. When she arrived her wings were deeply wounded. She is now very communicative, curious, reckless, and not afraid of anything. She lives happily with all the other animals of the Co&xister family.

From a young dog huddled for 2 years in a tight cage, he has become an athlete who enjoys running in the meadows with his brother Lonso. Very affectionate, he needs time before he can trust people.


Largely plucked and overweight when she arrived after living in Micarna halls, she had difficulty moving around for the first few days. Always late when it's time to eat, she comes in complaining if others don't wait for her :-) Tagada is always the first to go to bed and manages to keep the best place in the henhouse !

Kitten born without eyes in the streets of Qatar and therefore completely blind, he became a wise individual, confident and reckless. As a real example for us, it radiates with serenity in our daily life. Affectionate, curious and cheerful, Elyan is a real ray of sunshine.


Artemis is one of the 24 hens that survived from a Micarna farm. Her maternal instinct leads her to incubate all the eggs she lays and finds. Her sweetness makes her a whitelighter, sociable and kindly affectionate. After tearing a ligament after a bad fall, she recovered on her legs with impressive resilience. 

Found in the streets of Qatar with her 4 puppies, Meli has become a protective and determined matriarch. Under her gentleness and affection, she can sometimes be reactive, acustomed to her defensive mechanisms developed in the streets. When she trusts you completely, she's heartmelting.


Kitten from the streets of Qatar, she was found weakened by bronchitis that became chronic at the age of 4 weeks. But this slight symptom did not prevent her from developing an unconditional affection for humans and other animals, which she cherishes with all her heart. Playful, sweet and cuddly, she is a loyal friend to all her life partners.

Also a Micarna breeding survivor, Détère is an adorable chick who likes to hang out at night before going to bed. She only moderately appreciates vegetables and always looks at us with a surprised look when they are served. Determined and curious, she gives us an amazing company !


A little clown by nature, he arrived polytraumatized after spending 2 years in a cage with his brothers, including L'Ami. Heavily abused, he has kept reflexes of fear when confronted to people he does not know well. When he eventually trusts others, he becomes heartmelting and incarnated joy. Initially cloistered and anxious, he flourished day by day since his arrival.

A survivor of a Micarna kennel, Douce is not named this way for nothing. Affectionate and talkative, she appreciates the contact with humans as well as the experience of the mirror, in which she looks at herself with curiosity !


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