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Get to know our survivors

Discover the story of the animals we help every day with their "before and after" photos. 
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Bagdad had been presented to us as an introverted goat, fleeing contact and being particularly fearful. In fact, Baghdad just didn't want to be exploited for her milk and babies. Once she understood that at the sanctuary we would never ask her for anything and, above all, that we would never steal anything from her, she became playful, very cuddly, confident and curious.

After 8 years of milk production, farrowing and loss of her babies, Alaska was supposed to finish her race, with her throat slit at the slaughterhouse. She is now one of the rays of sunshine in the Co&xister sanctuary. Alaska is pure sweetness. She talks to those who know how to listen. She loves those who are ready to receive this tenderness. She has so many other things to live and offer than her milk and her babies. She is a messenger. Messages of unconditional love and trust. How lucky we are to be able to coexist with her.

From a young dog huddled for 2 years in a tight cage, L'Ami has become an athlete who enjoys running in the meadows with his brother Lonso. Very affectionate, he needs time before he can trust people.

Margaret is a discreet hen who luckily escaped slaughter. Not only is she very beautiful, her voice is also magnificent. Very close to her friends Simone and Jahna, she enjoys a serene retreat at the sanctuary. Her particularity? While all the chickens rush to the rehydrated dry bread, she always looks at us with a look of displeasure when we serve this meal. She expects us to serve her seeds, not letting us out of her sight :)

Largely plucked and overweight when she arrived after living in Micarna halls, she had difficulty moving around for the first few days. Always late when it's time to eat, she comes in complaining if others don't wait for her :-) Tagada is always the first to go to bed and manages to keep the best place in the henhouse !

Prince is a former competition horse. At the age of 23, he is now enjoying a proper retirement. Never again will he be forced to compete or surpass himself for glory. He reigns as a prince on the field, alongside his two girlfriends (yes, Prince is polyamorous!), whom he teases, cajoles and annoys according to his mood.

Kitten born without eyes in the streets of Qatar and therefore completely blind, he became a wise individual, confident and reckless. As a real example for us, it radiates with serenity in our daily life. Affectionate, curious and cheerful, Elyan is a real ray of sunshine.

Priya is a special chicken. Not only because she jumped from a truck that was supposed to take her to the slaughterhouse, but also because despite her disability that makes it difficult for her to walk, she is one of the pillars of the chicken clan. She is the one that others like to snuggle up to if they are not well. Priya is also the only one who cries out for hugs when she comes to stand against our legs. She is especially affectionate, gentle and comforting.

Artemis is one of the 24 hens that survived from a Micarna farm. Her maternal instinct leads her to incubate all the eggs she lays and finds. Her sweetness makes her a whitelighter, sociable and kindly affectionate. After tearing a ligament after a bad fall, she recovered on her legs with impressive resilience. 

Petit Jean is one of our baby pigs, who arrived at the side of his parents and brothers after barely escaping from the butcher's shop. He is cute, playful and particularly clever. For example, he comes to ask for vegetables when we cut them up, leaning upright, delicately on our legs. He sometimes plays happily with his father Gerard, with a smile on his face. And how beautiful that is!

Found in the streets of Qatar with her 4 puppies, Meli has become a protective and determined matriarch. Under her gentleness and affection, she can sometimes be reactive, acustomed to her defensive mechanisms developed in the streets. When she trusts you completely, she's heartmelting.

Lorette is a 22-year-old grandmother who enjoys grazing in peace. She gave plenty on rides in which she was exploited. She appreciates the calm, the respect of her space and her lover Prince, with whom she spends most of her time. Sweet, she appreciates being cuddled punctually at her request. Her particularity? She likes to force the fences that would allow her to graze on greener grass!

Kitten from the streets of Qatar, Neyra was found weakened by bronchitis that became chronic at the age of 4 weeks. But this slight symptom did not prevent her from developing an unconditional affection for humans and other animals, which she cherishes with all her heart. Playful, sweet and cuddly, she is a loyal friend to all her life partners.

Gerard, the daddy pig of the sanctuary, is an unlikely character. As grumpy as he is playful, as affectionate as he is temperamental, he makes us laugh every day. While he was very suspicious when he arrived, he became our great friend. He was supposed to end up as a sausage, he now gallops happily around the sanctuary grounds, and enjoys sprinting around playing with his son Petit Jean or with us humans!

Also a Micarna breeding survivor, Détère is an adorable chick who likes to hang out at night before going to bed. She only moderately appreciates vegetables and always looks at us with a surprised look when they are served. Determined and curious, she gives us an amazing company !

Toupie is a donkey let's say... very, very, stubborn :) In spite of this, she is especially affectionate and lively-minded. She doesn't hesitate to show us the part of her body she wants to see caressed, and asks us to be at least three to be able to take care of her hooves: one person caresses her head, the other one caresses her belly, and the third one, with a bit of luck, will manage to lift her legs to take care of her hooves!

A little clown by nature, Lonso arrived polytraumatized after spending 2 years in a cage with his brothers, including L'Ami. Heavily abused, he has kept reflexes of fear when confronted to people he does not know well. When he eventually trusts others, he becomes heartmelting and incarnated joy. Initially cloistered and anxious, he flourished day by day since his arrival.

She was supposed to end up in the pan, too. "What" is such a sweet, dynamic, endearing hen. She loves to spend time with pigs, and sometimes even sleeps with them rather than with other hens!

A survivor of a Micarna kennel, Douce is not named this way for nothing. Affectionate and talkative, she appreciates the contact with humans as well as the experience of the mirror, in which she looks at herself with curiosity !

Charbon, Toupie's father, is a donkey that is beginning to age, but he looks as young as his offspring 10 years his junior. He is particularly affectionate when it's time for him, and knows how to signify it. He appreciates being stroked in his ears, so much so that he will come to rest against your shoulder to thank you for it!

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Loona is a beautiful mare, long ridden in a riding arena. She is tender, playful and very expressive. Sometimes taunted by Prince, she likes to ask us for hugs, which she sometimes gives us back a bit brutally, without meaning to :) Her joints and hooves are fragile and need regular care. But from now on, she has free and happy days at the sanctuary, which she seems to enjoy!

Jahna is a young hen who has already twice escaped death. The first, because she could have ended up in a saucepan. The second, because she suffered an inflammation of the oviduct that could have killed her. The care she received helped her to survive this condition and she now seems to be living "in paradise" alongside her friends the chickens. She is one of those who don't hesitate to put Nesto, the rooster, back in his place when he tries to approach those who don't want her company!

Ondée, known as "Mama Ondée", is a young sow who has already seen all kinds of colours. After barely escaping from the butcher's shop alongside her little family, she landed at our home, several weeks pregnant. Very fearful at first, she offered us unconditional trust. We were able to accompany her with great love and gratitude in her delivery, during which she was so courageous. When she likes someone, she likes to snuggle up to them and tenderly chew on their fingers. As a protective mother, she also knows how to scare away animals that get too close to her offspring.

Survivor of the Micarna fattening halls, Virginia (we didn't name her that, let's be clear!) is a very talkative, greedy and dominant hen. Genetic selection has made her joints fragile and her weight a little too heavy, which prevents her from running and jumping, let alone flying away. Very friendly with all the other hens, she knows how to be respected, even by Nesto the cock!

Simone, matriarch of the chicken clan, has already lived 7 years of life. She should have been killed when she slowed her laying rate... She is enjoying a retirement now serene, free and happy. Independent, she likes to go about her business alone, but enjoys the company of others most of the time.

Samsam, son of Gerard and Ondée, is a particularly fearful little pig. Because of his experience before arriving at the sanctuary and because of his personality, he is always on his guard. He is a serious, meticulous and concentrated type. Playing, cuddling,... not his thing. And because at the sanctuary we let all animals be who they are, without any compensation, we respect his needs and never force him to be in contact.

Wakan should have been one of the famous "Christmas turkeys", proudly decorated on a festive table. He was lucky to escape that fate. Whereas he couldn't even stand on his feet because of his overweight and the fragility of his joints, he now runs unhindered all over the sanctuary grounds. Communicative, curious and affectionate, he has healed his wounds and enjoys this new life which he has tamed with great ease.

Tanka, too, should have ended up on party tables. Alongside his brother Wakan, he enjoys a life free of all forms of suffering. He has gained in self-confidence, and appreciates the cuddly moments, during which he cooing with his head under the wing.

Little Punkie is a very special young hen. With her punk crest, she knows how to stand out from the others with her voice, her agility and her lightness. While she used to fight regularly with the other hens and turkeys at the beginning, she learned to respect them gently and now gets along very well with everyone.
(Or almost !)

Nesto, a young rooster who has also escaped the pan, is gentle, discreet and respectful. He doesn't climb on the hens that forbid him, and is very humble. He is not the pretentious and talkative rooster that we have anchored in our collective unconscious. In fact, his voice is discreet and soft.

Makha is the only one of the animals in the sanctuary who has never known the consequences of speciesism. Born on January 4th in our home, he is as vigorous as he is quick-witted. He was born in the straw and knows the human hand only in the form of cuddles and games. It took him 48 hours to be clean, 36 hours to start playing, and 10 days to know how to make his own nest in the straw. A wonderful and incredible being!